Is #PollinatorWeek just #beewashing?

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(Twitter, Charlotte de Keyzer @cwdekeyzer) “I’m hesitant to jump on #PollinatorWeek and provide my expertise & best bee pics for free. This week is supposed to bring greater awareness to the importance of pollinators but looking at the latest tweets, it’s mostly being used for advertising. I have some thoughts”

iNaturalist: Black Lives Matter

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(iNaturalist) “We believe that nature is for everyone. Biodiversity is for everyone. Curiosity and exploration are for everyone. Everyone should be able to be in nature without fear of discrimination. Unfortunately, recent events in the United States have reminded us that enjoying the outdoors carries much greater risks for Black people like Christian Cooper, who had the police called on him while birding, or Ahmaud Arbery, who was chased down and murdered while jogging. We stand for the safety and the right of Black people to be outdoors and in nature without being subject to suspicion, confrontation, or the threat of violence.”

Memoirs of Black Entomologists

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(Entomological Society of America) The Entomological Society of America has made “Memoirs of Black Entomologists: Reflections on Childhood, University, and Career Experiences” freely available to download. This collection brings together 20 black entomologists from the U.S. and around the world to share the stories of what drew them to the field, along with advice for black and minority students looking for a career in the entomological sciences. It also includes a tribute to Dr. Charles Turner.