Precision pollination research in sunflowers shows promise

Image of field of sunflowers.

(Duluth News Tribune) Early results of Bee Innovative’s research in North Dakota sunflower fields show the potential for increased quality of seeds and, as a result, increased income to farmers. The company’s BeeDar tracks the movement of bees as they pollinate a field; if part of the field isn’t being pollinated, bees can be moved in to service that portion. Bee Innovative is looking to establish a U.S. company later in 2020 and North Dakota is a front-runner.

‘Emirati Queen Bee’ for UAE’s food security is here

Image of frame with honey bees.

(Gulf News) The United Arab Emirates is crossbreeding bees to develop a resilient Queen that can endure the harsh desert climate and sustain crucial pollination rates crucial for the country’s food security. And technology company Oracle is collaborating with the World Bee Project on a Global Hive Network using AI and cloud computing to track and retrieve data through sensors attached to hives.

New smartphone technology aimed at protecting bees during local almond bloom

Image of honey bees on almond blooms.

(The Bakersfield Californian) BeeWhere, a smartphone app introduced statewide in California last fall, lets beekeepers register their colonies’ location so that companies applying pesticides and fungicides know not to spray or fumigate nearby during daytime hours when honey bees tend to be outside their hives. According to California state law, chemicals deemed to be a threat to honey bees may not be applied within one mile of a bee colony.

Successful field trials of artificial pollination technology advance entry into huge almond market

Image of pollination devices behind tractors in orchard.

(Bee Culture) Israeli agritech startup Edete Precision Technologies for Agriculture has successfully completed field trials in almond orchards in Israel using its unique mechanical pollen harvesting and pollination system. The field trials are crucial for advancing the company’s planned entry into the huge almond market in California.