Precision pollination research in sunflowers shows promise

Image of field of sunflowers.

(Duluth News Tribune) Early results of Bee Innovative’s research in North Dakota sunflower fields show the potential for increased quality of seeds and, as a result, increased income to farmers. The company’s BeeDar tracks the movement of bees as they pollinate a field; if part of the field isn’t being pollinated, bees can be moved in to service that portion. Bee Innovative is looking to establish a U.S. company later in 2020 and North Dakota is a front-runner.

Bees and crop plants subjects of new ‘pollination guide’ for Brazil

Image of wild bees on squash blossom.

( of Freiburg) Over many years, researchers from the University of Freiburg have compiled data on the global pollination of major crop plants, above all, fruit and vegetables. Together with scientists from the Federal University of Ceará in Fortaleza, Brazil, they have analyzed the data and developed a “Pollination Guide” for Brazil. The guide is intended to give Brazilian farmers information on the importance of bees and other pollinating insects, so that they treat the habitats of wild pollinators with care.

Varroa mites: New guide outlines integrated pest management options

Microscopic image of Varroa mite.

(Entomology Today) Varroa mites are responsible for heavy economic losses, caused by their infestation of beehives in almost every corner of the globe. But how did this problem start, what does this pest do, and what does the future look like for honey bees? These questions are answered in detail in a new article on the biology and management of Varroa mites.

More scientists warn about worldwide insect decline

Image of red and black moth.

(University of Helsinki) Humanity is pushing many ecosystems beyond recovery. As a consequence, unquantified and unquantifiable insect extinctions are happening every day. Two scientific papers by 30 experts from around the world discuss both the perils and ways to avoid further extinctions, intending to contribute towards a necessary change of attitude for humanity’s own sake.