Scientists decode honey bee queen toots and quacks in hive

Image of honey bees on comb.

(BBC) Worker bees make new queens by sealing eggs inside special cells with wax and feeding them royal jelly. The queens quack when ready to emerge – but if two are free at the same time, they will fight to the death. So when one hatches, its quacks turn to toots, telling the workers to keep the others – still quacking – captive.

Journey to the musical center of the beehive

Image of audio cassettes.

(Modern Farmer) Bioni Samp’s music blends recordings of honey bees buzzing and humming with electronic music. Samp records bees using a digital recorder attached to a special frame he made with microphones. He has managed to isolate the sounds of different bees – queens, drones and workers. The result is a wall of sound, which Samp hopes will make people think about their relationship with nature.