Research finds that Canadians need to ‘bee’ more curious

Image of orange-belted bumble bee on flower.

(Excalibur) Researchers at York recently found that the majority of Canadians lack significant knowledge about bees. Native pollinators in Canada are essential to sustain the many species that rely on them, and the ecosystem as a whole. Experts say that increasing and improving the Canadian public’s knowledge of bees is a key step in increasing their legal protection and supporting conservation efforts.

Vote: New slogan for Endangered Species Condoms

Image showing slogans.

(Twitter, Center for Biological Diversity @CenterForBioDiv) “We need your help picking a new slogan for our Endangered Species Condoms! Reply to this tweet to let us know your fave. We’ll turn the one with the most votes into a condom package that gets people talking about the link between human population growth and the extinction crisis.” TBR Editor: Choice #5 is “Before you set your mojo free, think about the Franklin’s Bumble Bee.” Go to Twitter and vote!