Memoirs of Black Entomologists

Image of Dr. Charles Turner.

(Entomological Society of America) The Entomological Society of America has made “Memoirs of Black Entomologists: Reflections on Childhood, University, and Career Experiences” freely available to download. This collection brings together 20 black entomologists from the U.S. and around the world to share the stories of what drew them to the field, along with advice for black and minority students looking for a career in the entomological sciences. It also includes a tribute to Dr. Charles Turner.

The Lives Of Bees: What Were Honey bees Like Before Human Cultivation?

Image of book cover.

(Forbes) This interesting and readable book is both a personal account and a scholarly magnum opus as Professor Seeley recounts his studies of honey bees. He celebrates the fascinating lives of honey bees, but he argues that by keeping honey bees in a way that respects their needs, we can reduce the frequency of disease outbreaks that they are prone to, and reduce the chances that these diseases may spread amongst native wild bee species and seriously harm them, too.