Papa John’s made a mini pizza for bees

Image of honey bee with pizza.

(AdAge) To draw attention to the plight of the pollinators, Papa John’s U.K. has made what it calls the world’s first pizza for bees. The “Beezza” is just one inch across and topped with honey, wildflowers, local pollen, rosemary and thyme. When U.K. customers order the pie online between now and September, they can donate the change to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Early arrival of spring disrupts the mutualism between plants and pollinators

Bumble bee hovering in front of blue flowers.

(Hokkaido University) Researchers examined the relationship of Corydailis ambigua and bumble bees for 19 years in a natural forest of Hokkaido. Usually the bloom of the flowers and emergence of the bumble bees are in sync. But when the snowmelt is early, flowering tends to occur before the bees emerge, creating a mismatch. The wider the mismatch, the lower the seed-set rate due to insufficient pollination.

Insects, imperfect knowledge, and the imperative of action

Image of insect collection.

(Anthropocene) There indeed seem to be many fewer bugs than there used to be – but precisely how few, and for what reasons, is still a matter of some debate. Of the species that have been reviewed, though, some 40 percent are considered threatened. These include more than one-quarter of North American and European bumblebee species. “Acting with imperfect knowledge is something that we do all of the time, in our personal and professional lives. It is a rational response to reductions in insect abundance and diversity.”