Why ‘No Mow May’ could be a boon for Toronto’s bumble bee populations

Image of honey bee flying above lawn flowers.

(CBC) Torontonians with more time on their hands might be itching to do some yard work as the weather improves, but local conservationists say wildlife would indeed benefit from people letting their lawns grow a little wilder than usual. Plantlife, which is spearheading the initiative, says mowing your lawn just once a month can lead to a 10-fold increase in the number of bees pollinating the area.

Lack of bee imports due to Covid-19 will affect Canada’s honey supply and agriculture

Image of honey bees on comb.

(CTV) Scandia Honey imports 20,000 bee packages each season, which are used to start new hives or replace ones that die over winter. This year, because of shipping restrictions from the Covid-19 pandemic, they got none. The company says that will put a strain on Canada’s honey supply. An even bigger problem for Canada might be the effect a drop in the number of beehives will have on agriculture: bee hives are used by seed companies to pollinate their crops to produce the seed stock for next year.