US National Native Bee Monitoring Network website is up and running

Image of bumble bee on person's fingers.

(Twitter, usnativebees @usnativebees) “Please check out our new RCN website: We will be adding a member directory + other features soon”

(Twitter, Zach Portman @zachportman) “I was interviewed about bee monitoring for the first blog post of the new RCN website. Check it out for your daily dose of controversial bee opinions”

‘Cool’ sampling sites more likely to show false trends

Image of bridge over stream in park.

(ScienceDaily, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig) Data collected by citizen science initiatives, museums and national parks is an important basis for research on biodiversity change. However, scientists found that sampling sites are oftentimes not representative, which may lead to false conclusions about how biodiversity changes. Their research calls for more objective site selection and better training for citizen scientists to prevent a site-selection bias.

A guide to entomology outreach, even during a pandemic

Image of researcher with net in garden.

(Entomology Today) Entomology outreach is an essential part of inviting the public to learn about and engage with insects. Frequently, graduate students are at the forefront of engaging the public in this field. However, not every graduate student is prepared to interact with a pre-entomologist, nor are they convinced that this is an important activity. Here is a beginner’s guide to initiating outreach.