Eva Crane, the ultimate beekeeper

Image of Eva Crane with other woman.

(Cosmos) Eva Crane was one of the greatest writers on bees and beekeeping in the 20th century. See wrote and published hundreds of papers, articles and books. She helped create one of the world’s major databases on bee science. And her honey bee studies took her to more than 60 countries, “sometimes traveling by dugout canoe or dog sled to document the human use of bees from prehistoric times to the present”.

Did the Spanish bring bees to New Mexico?

Image of Spanish honey bee on flower.

(Taos News) Melanie Kirby, owner of a bee farm near Vadito, New Mexico, was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to pursue her questions about the possible connections between New Mexico and Spanish bees by traveling to Spain. Did the initial Spanish explorers and settlers bring bees with them to New Mexico, as they did with their grapes and other cultural and traditional practices?