Precision pollination research in sunflowers shows promise

Image of field of sunflowers.

(Duluth News Tribune) Early results of Bee Innovative’s research in North Dakota sunflower fields show the potential for increased quality of seeds and, as a result, increased income to farmers. The company’s BeeDar tracks the movement of bees as they pollinate a field; if part of the field isn’t being pollinated, bees can be moved in to service that portion. Bee Innovative is looking to establish a U.S. company later in 2020 and North Dakota is a front-runner.

High-tech pollination program begins work in ND sunflower fields

Image of people with drone.

(Agweek) Bee Innovative brought their radar-like technology to North Dakota to see where bees are and where they’re not. Using that data, they work with beekeepers to bring in more bees, strategically placed for where the field hasn’t been pollinated. Bee Innovative has used the technology in Australian blueberry fields and claims increases in both yield and quality.