California banned chlorpyrifos from your food. Now it won’t be manufactured

Image of helicopter spraying.

(Los Angeles Times) The primary manufacturer of a pesticide banned by California and the European Union said it will no longer produce the chemical. The move comes as the market for chlorpyrifos, which has been linked to developmental disorders and is toxic to bees, shrinks rapidly — the European Union followed California’s lead in banning it, as has New York.

The pesticide industry’s playbook for poisoning the Earth

Illustration of a swarm of pollinators.

(The Intercept) Lobbying documents and emails obtained by The Intercept show a vast strategy by the pesticide industry to influence academics, beekeepers, and regulators, and to divert attention away from the potential harm caused by neonicotinoids. As a result, the global neonics industry generated $4.42 billion in 2018. In the meantime, the effects are being seen in massive insect die-offs. Certain insects are nearing extinction.