City of Toronto program helps homeowners create pollinator gardens

Image of man in pollinator garden.

(Times Colonist) While most homeowners are raking autumn leaves, neighbors in downtown Toronto are ripping up grass and filling their lawns with native plants meant to encourage bees and other pollinators to take up residence next year. They are tapping into a municipal grant program that gives participants $5,000 to make their homes a haven for pollinators.

Toronto now has an official bee. Here’s why that matters

Image of metallic green sweat bee on purple flower.

(The Star) The metallic green sweat bee — Agapostemon virescens is the species name — was chosen for three reasons. One, it’s abundant: of the more than 360 wild bee species that inhabit Toronto, this one is fairly common. Two, it’s hard to miss: it looks like it’s all zhuzhed up to hit the bee version of Studio 54, or maybe the Brunswick House before it became a Rexall. And three, it lives in a condo.