Croatia region declares natural disaster after 50 million bees were poisoned

Image of honey bees on comb.

(Euractiv) Beekeepers were shocked and devastated when they encountered a “carpet” of millions of dead bees lying on the ground in a northern region of Croatia. The local government has declared a natural disaster. Veterinary inspectors and forensic scientists are looking into what caused the deaths. Pesticide poisoning, though not officially confirmed as yet, is suspected to be the cause of this ecological disaster.

Central Idaho bees dying in droves

Image of hand full of dead bees.

(Idaho Statesman) There are some eerie signs of unusual deaths in these bees. For instance, many of the dead insects are inexplicably headless. Many of the lifeless bodies’ tongues are sticking out, which could mean the bees starved to death. The Idaho State Department of Agriculture is looking into the deaths, but the department is reportedly only looking into possible diseases not chemical causes.

Investigators look into what caused thousands of bees to die in Spokane neighborhood

Image of honey bees.

(KREM) Bee investigators from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture arrived this week to begin looking into what caused the rapid die off. Investigators are asking questions to people who live in Corbin Park about what they’ve noticed to try and pinpoint a cause. They suited up, took pictures of the neighborhood, collected some of the dead bees and took samples of hives.