Teenagers create 13-mile ‘Bee Byway’ in their town to save native bees

Image of two boys in field.

(The Week) Using a geographic information system, the teenagers plotted a “Bee Byway”, identifying dozens of sites across Newport News, Virginia, where they could plant native and bee-friendly plants. During the pandemic, the boys have delivered plants to more than 60 homeowners, so they could add to the Bee Byway without worrying about going out to a nursery.

What a Virginia wildflower can tell us about climate change

Image of American bluebell flower.

(University of Virginia) “While migration is often viewed as a means for species to proliferate in new environments, in this research we find that there also are inherent perils of expansion, such as a shallow gene pool. While migration will lead to individuals that are better able to reproduce in the small populations expected in new habitats, it may also cause genetic change that limits their ability to survive in the long term.”